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Rosary Beads, Or Masbaha

This was the first concept I researched and developed in my earliest body of work, this humble chain of beads carries many names, Rosary beads, in the Christian world, Masbaha in the Arab Muslim world, and many other descriptions, one of which is worry beads. These practices are shared and embedded in various ancient cultures across the world. The beads are used in many ways, yet they seem to be serving the same purpose, whether it is a prayer, a mantra, or simply reciting numbers whilst handling the beads, it is widely believed That it has a calming and elating effect on the handler.

Continuity accompanied by Stagnation, the significance of time counting, were the two factors that interested me the most through the process, I explored through my visual language the act of repetition in a cyclical motion, within the boundary of a closed circle, which many people call; Spin Dynamism

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