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I was born into a Palestinian family, a couple of decades after the establishment of the State of Israel. 


That part of the world has a diverse history and a great wealth of ancient heritage. Right on your doorstep, the resonance of the past can still be heard. It is such a small stretch of land, yet it possesses tremendous scenery and thriving nature, as well as an abundance of authentic architecture, the remains of many nations who came and went thus leaving behind their blueprints for us to admire. Holding these silhouettes of memory wherever I went, generously gave way to endless routes of exploration. 

However, from early childhood, I observed and encountered endless failures of justice, alongside the dark quest for shredding human rights. Despite growing up under such circumstances, I always refrained from identifying with any calamity, instead, I decided on becoming a witness or perhaps an observer who records and registers, which in turn shaped how I perceived my surroundings, and later it raised my awareness about the very fine nuances of humans’ conflicts.

As a child though, from a young age I began to search for a refuge that may provide a safe haven, I was passionately attending to that visceral overwhelming desire to create a different reality, or perhaps an alternative one in which I can exist.

In the world of Arts, I was reassured, and steadily became captivated by its glory and marvel. Smitten by all its methods and mediums, I started the journey with singing and dancing, then a great interest sprung up in me for the written Word, and the Pulse of the Letters, until I realised that I can incorporate all under the sky of visual arts.

When it was time to choose, studying fine arts seemed to me as a magical path to take.  It is also worth mentioning, that during that time, out of all forms of creative studies, visual art was the most socially accepted choice for me and many others.

Shortly after completing my first degree in Israel, I then resumed my master in Boston Ma USA. from there onward I spent many years exhibiting my work around numerous States of North America, and other countries around the world.

Exploring art material dictates a certain undeniable presence that should be treated with the utmost attention. This aspect is still a major part of my work, because it has lent me over many years unexpected ideas and concepts to work with, and has sharpened my ability to listen to what may emerge through the process.

My earliest body of work comprised mainly of oil paintings of large scales, but alongside I had a keen interest in sculpting and installations, which I developed and exhibited as part of a certain project, ''Rosery Beads'' 1998-2003 was the first project I attempted to expand on installation work, and then only recently I worked within a space for series of work I named ''The ultimate observer''.

The year 2020 when a sudden deconstruction took a grip over our world, and for a moment or two, I was amongst many who stood silent fretting the unknown.

We all witnessed a new reality unfold before our eyes, my childlike heart yet again found a safe haven in Arts, so I resorted to the comfort of fundamental thinking, therefore back to the Drawing board seemed crucial, I chose then to work with a primary set of shapes, and elementary Language. Slowly I became determined to Restart all aspects of my life, which requires Decoding the past, and then Relearning about our New evolving world with an unfamiliar set of views.

 As I observed the collapse of the old paradigms that shattered our Glass roof, essential questions resurfaced through the process, these particular questions are currently the subject of my attention, and from which I am drawing inspiration. One of the Foremost was the question about imparting information to one another? And Then How do we understand what is being communicated or rather conveyed? and Why does a simple sound we utter, or a scripted symbol can become an expressive tool of connection or a source of distress?  I am exploring through my art the pulse of the sound that transforms into the scripted letter, which in turn forms a complete coherent language.

A little bit about me

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